7.3.1 Participation

Participate effectively and appropriately in an interprofessional healthcare team
  1. Clearly describe their roles and responsibilities to other professionals
  2. Describe the roles and responsibilities of other professionals within the health care team
  3. Recognize and respect the diversity of roles, responsibilities and competences of other professionals in relation to their own
  4. Work with others to assess, plan, provide and integrate care for individual patients (or groups of patients)
  5. Where appropriate, work with others to assess, plan, provide and review other tasks, such as research problems, educational work, program review or administrative responsibilities
  6. Participate effectively in interprofessional team meetings
  7. Enter into interdependent relationships with other professions for the provision of quality care
  8. Describe the principles of team dynamics
  9. Respect team ethics, including confidentiality, resource allocation and professionalism
  10. Where appropriate, demonstrate leadership in a healthcare team.