Didactical questions

Corresponding to the model, the answering of the following questions (for provisional answers for ISPOG, follow the links) will provide you a practical outline of your plans: 

  1. What's the relevance of your plans? Why do you want to initiate a course of curriculum? Is education the best solution for your problems? The answers describe the educational context of your plans.
  2. What are your goals in terms of attainments for whom? What are your criteria for success or faillure for your target population? 
  3. What are you planning to offer, what's your global idea in terms of an educational programme, a course, a curriculum?
  4. Which teaching methods support your plans best?
  5. What is the content of your programme?
  6. Who are involved as teachers, tutors, facilitators?
  7. How to organize your programme?
  8. How to bring this plan to action? Are there special preconditons to be met?
  9. How to test whether goals are met and/or which progress is made?
  10. How to evaluate the success of your plans?